The School and Sports Equipment.

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NGO Name: Voluntary Association for Development and Solidarity (VADS)


Address: Rr. Durrësit, pranë Gjimnazit Qemal Stafa,P.240/1 , Tiranë Albania


Duration : 1 (one) Month


Location : Elementary School “ 7 Martyrs ”, Ninësh, Mallakastër


Requested Contribution:                                          ALL


VADS and Community Contributions:                    ALL


Overall Project Funds:                                               ALL


Responsible Person:                                                  Aleksandër Aliaj



Project description


The school will become a quality institution for education and teaching purposes, where motivated teachers use modern methods and tools using which children will learn, and take part as well in the planning and accomplishment of sports activities


Unluckily many parents are focused only on the mental development of their children.

Doctors always advise to keep equilibrium between mental and physical activities, because the human body cannot work normally without physical activities.



It becomes imperative to teach children gymnastics and sport from early childhood.

This should be taught as a habit which afterwards becomes a healthy hobby.


Like parents, teachers too should help children to choose the best type of sport for them based on their physical capabilities.

We can’t pretend that every child will become a professional, but we must stress out that even sport at an amateur level can do a lot of good against multiple health problems


Sports fields in schools should be equipped with the necessary means for sports like football, basketball, volleyball and more.


We want to improve the entertainment time of children in a way that they spend their leisure time with sports activities during school hours, cultivating psycho-physical skills, better team building capabilities in a way that they realize on their own the good of team work.


We want to raise the awareness level of children and all stakeholders in order to have their collaboration for the improvement of today’s and future generations, towards additional physical activities although such facilities might be missing. The development of technology has left us all living a sedentary life while spending more and more time with internet and “social” media.



Project Goals


  1. Improvement of the schoolyard. This is a very important area for both children and teachers as a lot of activities during the schooling phase and additional ones are held there. It is needed an improvement in the quality of the schoolyard and the areas it contains.
  2. Creation of sports fields for football, basketball and volleyball. Trying to create equilibrium between the mental and physical development, as a base for having a healthy and successful future generation. We think that the creation of such sports fields becomes a top priority.
  3. The newly created sports fields of this school become a reference point for other schools in the nearby communities. The sports fields will as well serve the community into organizing gatherings with nearby villages for a more colorful rural social life. Such collaborative sport activities and gatherings will enable this rural area school to attract children and parents towards a healthy and social life.

Project Mission

  1. Healthier lives for children.
  2. Development of psycho-social and psycho-physical skills.
  3. Ability to work united as a group.
  4. Offer a reference area for gatherings and sport activities for the community and beyond.


Information on the Ninësh village:


The Ninësh village is part of the Mallakastër region and under the Commune of Fratar Mallakastër .


The Ninësh village borders with:


  • Northe with Gadurovë village of the Mallakastër region
  • East with Allkomemaj village of the Tepelenë region
  • South with Krahes village of the Tepelenë region
  • West with Bejar village of the Mallakastër region


The village goes from 400m to 657m above sea level. The mainly hilly terrain allows the inhabitants to work on agriculture and livestock.


The Elementary School “7 Martyrs” in Ninësh was rebuilt after the earthquake on Alril 3rd 1969, which destroyed everything in this village.

The school hosts children from the village as well as children from some nearby villages like Gadurov village, Ramaj, Haskaj, Shahaj, Mahmutaj and Memaj.

Into the Ninësh village there are actually 286 families for a total of 1016 inhabitants.

Into the Gadurovë village there are actually 75 families for a total of 267 inhabitants.


The school’s staff and children:


  1. Children in classes I-IX                        106 (one hundred six)
  2. Classes I – IX                                9 (nine)
  3. Teachers                                       8 (eight)
  4. Kindergarten                                     32 (thirty two )
  5. Kindergarten lady                         1 (one)
  6. Cleaning lady                                1 (one)
  7. Teaching cabinet                                  1 (one)
  8. Offices                                                     1 (one)



VADS and Community Contributions:

  1. Transport of materials.
  2. Area leveling and civil works on the sports fields.
  3. Excavation of potholes for the metallic or wood poles .
  4. Preparation of the concrete for the metallic or wood poles.
  5. Preparation of the volleyball field, welding and preparation of the metallic or wood poles.
  6. Preparation of the basketball field, welding and preparation of the metallic or wood boards.
  7. Preparation of the football field, welding and preparation of goals and nets.
  8. Project Follow-up and coordination





Short Introduction to VADS


“The Voluntary Association for Development and Solidarity” is a non-profit organization which was created on September 26th, 2013.


VADS is focused on driving projects that accelerate development for all target groups and sensitive areas, providing aid in the progress of underdeveloped regions. Furthermore, VADS also focuses on the implementation of studies, research programs, cultural activities and the promotion of a sustainable and responsible usage of natural resources in the best interest of the environment as well as the communities.


VADS strongly promotes the improvement of national policies on economic independence, in order to assure that the best decisions are taken in the country’s interest.


Our board and every member of VADS stand for the preservation of human rights of all individuals, or groups, whose fundamental rights are not respected or put at risk.


“The Voluntary Association for Development and Solidarity” aims to serve the mission of achieving an improved quality of life, better integration of marginalised communities and conscious groups of people in need.

Ekzecutiv Director

Aleksander Aliaj