Integrated Study on the Security Situation, oil-bearing area Patos-Marinez Ballsh.

The association has taken the initiative to promote civic activism, in order to determine and improve national security, taking into consideration the welfare of the community, natural resources and their use in gas-producing areas petro- Patos-Marinez Ballsh.

To achieve this, the association will promote monitoring campaigns, discussion and collaboration with stakeholders, representatives of civil society and private institutions and independent state.

Partnership association with stakeholders will ensure their commitment at the beginning of any awareness campaign, in order for them to be involved and will enable better understanding of the information collected from monitoring or use of initiatives advocacy and will help in using qualitative information in support of current concerns.

Following the execution of work for the first phase of the conference, together with partner organizations, will organize various forms of public discussion focusing on issues of concern and discussion of alternatives.

Based on the results of the monitoring phases, discussion, media campaigns and to the awareness and sensitize the community residing in the areas of oil-gas-producing Patos-Marinez Ballsh, SHVZHS will present integrated research and concrete recommendations