About us.

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“Voluntary Association for Development and Solidarity” is a nonprofit organization founded on 26 September 2013 and registered in the District Court of Tirana. With the decision number 3642, by its Chairman Alexander Aliaj.

The founders of the first Volunteer Development Association and Solidariet following persons:

– Alexander Aliaj Chairman
– Elfa Curri Secretary
– Arben Harizaj Vice President
– Jonida Zylalaj Coordinator
– Arli Mamadhaj Coordinator

The organization is an initiative focused on promoting development projects in under developed areas and to all target groups, (vulnerable areas). Focused to lobby, advocate and act on all categories in need as may be persons with disabilities (PWDs), families in need, communities (that Roma and Egyptian) and all classes and individuals seeking social help.

Our team and every member of staff is directed towards the protection of the rights of any individuals or groups who are violating basic civil rights.
“Voluntary Association for Development and Solidarity” totally serves the community to improve the quality of life, social integration and awareness to all groups.

The main objectives of the association are achieving greater success in terms of volunteer labor to best serve all strata seeking social support.
The mission of the association is the creation and promotion of development projects for underdeveloped areas.
Our association is a place where everyone can be involved to contribute their maximum or minimum in every aspect.


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